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Fine Watchmaking and Translation: A Well-Oiled Machine

Dec 4, 2019

Your line of business? The luxury goods industry. Your area of expertise? Watchmaking, and more precisely, fine watchmaking. Your target audience? Clients across the world. Your requirements? Precise translations that are adapted to your market to attract international clients.

In the luxury goods industry, the products that are marketed must be of impeccable quality. Your clients are looking for the best, so each document that accompanies your products must be of a similar high standard to the service provided, in every language.

The team at Amaïa puts its competence and knowledge to the service of the world of watchmaking. We share the same passion for creativity, precision and excellence.

A highly international field

If ever there were a field that speaks every language and appeals to every society, it’s watchmaking. This means that your products can reach clients all over the world, provided, of course, that you have an internationally accessible website that is perfectly translated, adapted to your target audience and consistent with your marketing strategy. Along with your website, your catalogues, training guides, product sheets and instruction leaflets are also part of your communication package and are not to be neglected, so leave them in the capable hands of experts in your field. The Amaïades are here to guide you in expanding your business to an international level.

Watchmakers and translators: Masters of precision

Creating your products requires a uniquely high level of technical precision and this is why it is important to ensure that your translation provider has an excellent command of all the technical terms used in your profession. As we believe wholeheartedly that your translation deserves the same level of excellence as your products, our project managers call on the services of native linguists who are experts in your field: “Barrel”, “time-keeper”, “balance wheel” and “winder” are everyday terms for them. In the same way that a watchmaker works in a precise and technical manner, our translators strive to meticulously select the most suitable term in their language, in-keeping with the practices of the field.

A process that runs like a Swiss watch for high quality translations

Our project managers are able to coordinate very complex projects in several languages. We take pride in selecting the most experienced translators for your particular requirements and providing documents of unrivalled quality. We are also aware that your needs in the field go beyond simply translating words. Therefore, our teams will guide you through all the areas of your project: Audio-visual media, graphics, interpreting and website localisation.

To do so, we work on your projects using tools that allow us not only to keep an electronic memory of your translations, which guarantees coherence from one project to the next, but also to ensure that they use the most suitable terminology. These tools can also be used to organise the layout of your catalogues or leaflets. We input your InDesign or QuarkXpress files directly so that we can deliver the translated versions without changing the layout of the documents.

Choose Amaïa for expertise in luxury goods

With our expansive experience in the luxury goods industry, Amaïa will be able to showcase your brand image and offer you a full range of services. Our in-depth knowledge of the industry requirements and expectations is valued by leading brands. As we mentioned in our article from last May, the agency is located in Annecy, on the border with Switzerland, the birthplace of watchmaking. Our project managers have made it their area of expertise. When visiting the various exhibitions (such as the International Watchmaking and Jewellery Exhibition in Bâle or the International Fine Watchmaking Exhibition in Geneva), the team at Amaïa are always happy to find out about new products and learn about innovations and up-coming trends. It is also a chance to establish and to maintain a special relationship with their clients. So do not hesitate to get in touch with them or to come and see them in person!