Multilingual content tailored to your needs

Graphic design

Layout and desktop publishing

Our graphic design team are responsible for the presentation of your information. Our graphic designers work with texts and images to compose clear, relevant messages. We can fulfil all your requirements in terms of graphic design and layout, whatever the type of document. We work with a range of publishing software such as QuarkXpress, Indesign, Illustrator and Photoshop.

Deployment of your visual identity

When working on the layout of your copy and images, we deploy your visual identity using the source files you supply.

Visual identity design

At your request we can create your visual identity, produce a unique template and use it to illustrate your print and digital content.

Our expertise

Fully focused on satisfying the demands of international professionals, Amaïa offers a comprehensive range of services:

  • Translation: communications materials, legal and financial, e-learning, technical.
  • Interpreting
  • Graphic design
  • Copywriting
  • Training

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They trust us

Amaïa has particularly strong ties with the luxury sector and an excellent knowledge of its requirements. The agency is well known for its expertise in working with leading players in fashion and leather goods, fragrance and cosmetics, watches and jewellery, wines and spirits, and writing instruments. Amaïa extends this tradition of excellence to all its clients from every background and speciality.

Our team

Amaïa, located between Annecy and Geneva, is an agency that values openness, co-operation and innovation.

Our team works closely with more than 800 freelance translators and interpreters around the world.

What makes us special

Our graphic designers can produce document layouts in most of the world’s languages, including the Arabic, Asian and Hebrew languages, which are particularly complex in terms of reading direction and phrase breaks.


our services

Fully focused on satisfying the demands of international professionals, Amaïa offers a comprehensive range of services:

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