Breaking down language barriers

Multilingual subtitling

Transcription and translation of corporate videos

The corporate video is a powerful and attractive means of getting across a specific message clearly. Amaïa can transcribe and translate your subtitles into the majority of the world’s languages, including a number of rare languages and dialects.

Methodical translation

Transcription: We produce a transcript of the dialogue from your video, ensuring we preserve the key messages.

Time code: We divide the video into sequences and synchronise the subtitles with the image.

Insertion of subtitles: Once the translation has been checked and approved, we insert the subtitles into the video.

Delivery: Within seven working days for a 10-minute corporate film.

Turnkey translation

  • Our specialist linguists translate exclusively into their mother tongue
  • We handle all video and audio file formats
  • If necessary, we can edit the source file and video
  • We deliver videos in the required resolution

Our expertise

Fully focused on satisfying the demands of international professionals, Amaïa offers a comprehensive range of services:

  • Translation: communications materials, legal and financial, e-learning, technical.
  • Interpreting
  • Graphic design
  • Copywriting
  • Training

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They trust us

Amaïa has particularly strong ties with the luxury sector and an excellent knowledge of its requirements. The agency is well known for its expertise in working with leading players in fashion and leather goods, fragrance and cosmetics, watches and jewellery, wines and spirits, and writing instruments. Amaïa extends this tradition of excellence to all its clients from every background and speciality.

Our team

Amaïa, located between Annecy and Geneva, is an agency that values openness, co-operation and innovation.

Our team works closely with more than 800 freelance translators and interpreters around the world.

What makes us special

After translation we incorporate the subtitles directly into the video using our professional equipment. You can check progress at any stage. This allows you to view, edit and approve your subtitles in real-time before the final version is inserted into the video. Please contact us for a demonstration of the system.


our services

Fully focused on satisfying the demands of international professionals, Amaïa offers a comprehensive range of services:

To discuss your project and request a quote.