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Website translation

Adapting to new markets

Your website is a permanent showcase that reaches beyond borders, a powerful tool to promote your image. Amaïa can work with you to develop your online business potential.

Enhancing your online profile

The translation of your website involves transcribing the original content, including key words, in order to boost your international profile and visibility. Texts can be integrated directly via your CMS (content management system). In terms of SEO (search engine optimisation), our website translators can also translate your meta descriptions. 

Translation of websites

Our website translators translate into their mother tongue. We can translate your website into most of the world’s languages, including some rare languages and dialects.


They trust us

Amaïa has particularly strong ties with the luxury sector and an excellent knowledge of its requirements. The agency is well known for its expertise in working with leading players in fashion and leather goods, fragrance and cosmetics, watches and jewellery, wines and spirits, and writing instruments. Amaïa extends this tradition of excellence to all its clients from every background and speciality.

Our team

Amaïa, located between Annecy and Geneva, is an agency that values openness, co-operation and innovation.

Our team works closely with more than 800 freelance translators and interpreters around the world.

What makes us special

Trained in web technologies, our translators specialise in the translation of websites and mobile apps.

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Fully focused on satisfying the demands of international professionals, Amaïa offers a comprehensive range of services:

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