Interculturality becomes child’s play


Intercultural training

Mergers, acquisitions, expatriation, negotiations and transnational management are just some of the aspects of the trend towards globalisation, and many businesses are having to deal with issues relating to interculturality. You cannot simply transpose your own business culture in another country, so Amaia will help you acquire the key information you need to run your business successfully in France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, the United States, Russia, India, Asian countries, Brazil and so on.

Our intercultural training will help you:

  • support the internationalisation of your team
  • optimise cross-border negotiations
  • communicate with your international contacts
  • build valuable relations by understanding the etiquette of your clients, suppliers and business partners

Our intercultural training sessions are structured to reflect your needs and can be targeted across several entities or within one company.

Aims of our intercultural training
  • Immerse participants in a different culture to understand its customs, conventions and subtleties
  • Evaluate different perceptions to avoid misunderstandings and prevent ambiguity
  • Increase your ability to adapt
  • Build trusting relations that will benefit your business
  • Maximise your chances of a successful outcome to negotiations
  • Put in place a model team and optimise management
  • Help expatriates and their families adapt to new cultural surroundings
  • Case studies and role-play in realistic situations
  • Individually-tailored training programmes
  • Optional individual post-training support

For more information on the content of our intercultural training, please contact us. One of our project managers will get back to you as soon as possible.

Our expertise

Fully focused on satisfying the demands of international professionals, Amaïa offers a comprehensive range of services:

  • Translation: communications materials, legal and financial, e-learning, technical.
  • Interpreting
  • Graphic design
  • Copywriting
  • Training

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They trust us

Amaïa has particularly strong ties with the luxury sector and an excellent knowledge of its requirements. The agency is well known for its expertise in working with leading players in fashion and leather goods, fragrance and cosmetics, watches and jewellery, wines and spirits, and writing instruments. Amaïa extends this tradition of excellence to all its clients from every background and speciality.

Our team

Amaïa, located between Annecy and Geneva, is an agency that values openness, co-operation and innovation.

Our team works closely with more than 800 freelance translators and interpreters around the world.

Did you know?

In Arabic, the concept of “tomorrow” does not exist.

To find out if an idea will work, Indians will go ahead and try it out.

A French partner will want to focus on the concept before putting an idea into practice.

A Chinese partner will never say no!

What makes us special

Flexible modules, from one to three days

Intercultural trainers with qualifications and extensive business experience

We come to you, in France and internationall